An afternoon walk in Entebbe, Uganda

I’m now back in Liberia but in order to catch up on past events, here are a few fotos from our afternoon stroll around Entebbe, Uganda. May was a beautiful month in Uganda – blue skies generally with white fluffy clouds, broken by brief periods of rain. Unlike Monrovia, in Entebbe it is safe and pleasant to stroll the streets on a sunny afternoon. As you can see from the fotos, there are pavements, street lights, zebra crossings, and a general sense of order and calm in the city. Very nice! Well, it may seem odd to say that, but after living in Liberia where chaos is normal – traffic lights, obedient drivers and pedestrians, and clean orderly places become worthy of comment. 

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People pretty much leave you to your business but if you engage them in conversation they are friendly, talkative and curious. I like East Africa :). This fruit-selling lady had a nice chat with me about my hair, different types of mangoes, and the Ugandan economy. By the way, the mangoes were delicious!! Of course, that was the other noticable difference – fresh fruit and luscious avocadoes that lasted longer than a day before going rotten and tasted full of flavour and sunshine.

The only downside of the country was the high visibility of police and security guards. When you enter a restaurant security will search your bag and run the metal detector over your body as if you were about to board a flight! Mind you, these guards are armed with rifles and the like. That seems a little OTT, but i guess given the uncertainty of these days in that region, it pays to be cautious.


liberian currency


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inspired by the weekly photo challenge – numbers – i decided to write a bit more about liberian money.  the local currency is the Liberian Dollar, known as LDs. at the moment 1 US$ is about 72 LDs. when i arrived in liberia nearly … Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge – Numbers

think of numbers – think of money. so here are 2 fotos using some of the african currency i had in my pocket!

ok, so i’m late with this post, but it is evidence that i’m really back living in Liberia. (that being a reference to the lousy internet connexion that prevented me from opening WP.)

Weekly Photo Challenge – Wildlife

in honour of the fact that i’m in Uganda at the moment, i will chose one (or three) fotos for the weekly foto challenge ‘wildlife’ from the wonderful, rare mountain gorillas of eastern Africa. these are my 3 best shots from the awesome day in the bwindi impenetrable forest national park!

if you want to read more about them look at my page ‘Uganda’s Mountain Gorillas’ where i tell the whole story.

life is a safari

just to let you know that we had a fabulous safari – 3 weeks in uganda, kenya and tanzania in september ’09.

the fotos and stories of our gorilla trek can now be found on my ‘fayzfotos – uganda’ page!! check it out! meanwhile i’ll get working on some wordz & fotoz about kenya

‘life is a safari’!
… and if it isn’t we should make it more so.

make adventures,
capture memories.
thirsty animals panting,
hungry animals hunting,
wild animals playing.
grasp the beautiful dangerous world.

stare at the savannah,
the azure blue skies,
and feel small in all that space.
laugh when u eat dust.
share a whispered ‘wow’ with friendz.
watch for the unexpected.
listen to nature.
breathe it all in!

few people ever have this opportunity

life is a safari!