The Blue Lake and Tubmanburg, Bomi County, Liberia

I spent a day in Tubmanburg for work. At least its possible to go there and back in a day. The drive takes anywhere between 90 minutes and over 2 hours, depending on the congestion in Duala Market. The town doesn’t seem to have much going for it and lacks any character to speak of. Mind you, I just went straight to the UN office to see colleagues, so I haven’t really had a tour. Perhaps there’s a quaint town square somewhere which I haven’t seen – but somehow I doubt it!! The County Administration building is some distance out of the town which may also detract from that ‘sense of heart’ that I look for in a town with a town centre.

A sweet optimism in the Welcome sign!

These are some typical shots from the main road through the town. Nothing unusual here…

The main attraction in Tubmanburg is the Blue Lake which has been formed when the iron ore mine – open cut pit – found itself lower than the water-table level. Apparently the water suddenly started to fill the crater – so fast that the mining equipment is still in the lake – buried under the water and not likely to be retrieved. It makes for a refreshingly clean and scenic ‘getaway from it all’ location only about 10 minutes drive from Tubmanburg.

The lake used to be looked after by the UN mission and had a few gazebo structures for picnics and parties but now its left for the County Administration to manage and things have been ‘let go’. Its a beautiful location and quite an attractive lake. There’s also¬†a small bottled water company here that sells ‘Blue Lake Bottled Water’. The water has been tested and found clean and pure.

So that’s the scoop on Tubmanburg. Next week I will travel further afield in Liberia, so more Liberian County photos to come.