Weekly Photo Challenge – Numbers

think of numbers – think of money. so here are 2 fotos using some of the african currency i had in my pocket!

ok, so i’m late with this post, but it is evidence that i’m really back living in Liberia. (that being a reference to the lousy internet connexion that prevented me from opening WP.)


Weekly Photo Challenge – RED


This gallery contains 5 photos.

i’m going to mix the weekly photo challenge with a few wordz about food in Liberia. i took these fotos on my iPhone earlier this year with the view to illustrate visually the lack of decent fresh veg in Liberia. … Continue reading

photo challenge – light

i don’t even know what this fun ride is called, but it was spinning around while we were waiting for the Clipsal 500 concert in Adelaide last year. we spun the tripod away from the concert stage and took some shots, f11 and slow speed (i think about 7 or 8 seconds). this shot caught the full flower design in the centre while others caught a complete circle of the chairs rotating. i quite like the silhoettes of the people in the crowd.

after the concert we went along the ‘northern lights’ where they had set up special lights on the historic buildings along north terrace. again they were tripod shots on slow speed. i’m going to  add them to this post as a special treat, just becoz i can!

and some

Weekly Photo Challenge – Ocean


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2 fotos of the wild ocean. the sea off the coast of liberia, west africa, is rough with dangerous rips.  it can be powerful, violent, and beautiful. these shots were taken 30 minutes drive outside of monrovia, liberia, on a windy day in september.

Photo Challenge – Shadow

this is a photo from a recent flight on the Dash 7 aircraft to a field airport in the outback on liberia. dusty runway, bright sun and an interesting shadow.  i like that the shadow of the propellers is solid and yet the props were still rotating, as you can see from the blurred movement.

 i brightened it too much when editing in Lightroom3 so it seems a little washed out on this screen, but it also helps suggest the brightness of the liberian sun. you also have to allow that it was shot through a aircraft window. the foto was taken on my Canon Powershot S90 which works pretty well in these travel moments.