Liberian skies

There are often superb skies in Liberia – clouds, sunsets and sunrises. Being a tropical country the wet season brings tremendous thunderstorms and cloud formations. I have yet to set up my camera and try to photgraph lightning because there is too many other light sources in the urban area and I would need to find a higher balcony to capture a proper panorama, but I do have several shots from my balcony of the glowing colours of the sun sinking into the sea. These photos are quite typical of what can be seen on a regular evening. It is a nice way to end a day in Liberia.

There are occasionally sweet sunrises as well, to welcome the day. So I end with this nice cloud formation from last week to prove my point.


photo challenge – light

i don’t even know what this fun ride is called, but it was spinning around while we were waiting for the Clipsal 500 concert in Adelaide last year. we spun the tripod away from the concert stage and took some shots, f11 and slow speed (i think about 7 or 8 seconds). this shot caught the full flower design in the centre while others caught a complete circle of the chairs rotating. i quite like the silhoettes of the people in the crowd.

after the concert we went along the ‘northern lights’ where they had set up special lights on the historic buildings along north terrace. again they were tripod shots on slow speed. i’m going to  add them to this post as a special treat, just becoz i can!

and some