Men @ Work! Housing construction, Liberia

In my area there is a house under construction. I hate it when the guys turn up for work and shout excitedly about the latest news noisily at 7.00 am (esp on a Sat sleep-in morning), but I appreciate the opportunity to observe Liberian construction methods. Cement is mixed with shovels, bags of cement carried on heads, metal bars cut with a hand-held cutting saw, and….  It is very labour-intensive and the men work mostly without protective gear! These are a few photos of the progress, starting from foundation and building up from there!!

The starting point: a hole in the ground. As this is overseen by a Lebanese bossman, the “big yellow machine” was available for the digging tasks.

Yes, it really is called a “big yellow machine” out here! 🙂 Personally I’ve seen bigger ‘big yellow machines’, but this smallish yellow machine did help a lot.

So now some photos of the men at work…

That’s a pretty neat triangular ladder hey!! You can see behind the ladder how they’ve built the walls up. These photos were taken from June to August. I’ll post some more soon. 🙂