Hotel Africa, Monrovia

There’s not much evidence of the Hotel Africa’s 5-star former glory but it offers some photographic interest to pass away a Sunday afternoon. We talked the guard into showing us around and snapped a few photos as we went. It would be a great place to return to with a tripod and more time. So for a photo safari with a difference, here is a photographic tour inside the ruined hotel.

From what I can understand the Hotel Africa was built (with Libyan investment) for a large Pan-African Conference in the mid-80s. There were separate villas for each head of state (so over 50 villas) and a pool built in the shape of the map of Africa. The hotel continued in service right up to the 1990s but then the war began and eventually the hotel was looted and it has laid in ruins ever since. It must have been beautiful when it opened and it is still a very solid structure. There are rumours that Libya might invest again (and in the Ducor Hotel in Mambo Point) but given the current turn of events, I doubt that will happen any time soon.

It has taken an hour to upload these photos so I don’t want to push my internet luck any further. The final comment is that if you google Hotel Africa Monrovia you will find in Yahoo travel that you can still book rooms at a reasonable rate but the customer’s didn’t rate the service very highly! 🙂