Logging Liberia

This week I was back in the field again and will write in more detail soon about my restful visit to Rivercess County.

On the 4 – 5 hour road journey to Buchanan and Cestos, we were dusted by the numerous logging trucks. We must have seen more than 20 in our drive which amounts to quite a number of trees cut down. Liberia is blessed with natural resources including amazing forests. Unfortunately its easy to cut down the trees, but sustaining the forests is more challenging. I haven’t seen any managed forestry or replanting of the hardwoods although I do hope it is happening somewhere, or it is planned for the future! The bush we passed on the road has all been cleared and there are very few of the original tall trees visible along the main roads.

When you see Liberia from the air you see that there are trees everywhere, but a lot of that is bush, palm trees, and regrowth. The taller trees are being removed quite fast with little regard for the future generations.


Memories of Grand Bassa County (2)

As you will see from the last post, the technological hassles got in the way of me mentioning any memories from my time in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County! Funny how life in Liberia does that to you – slams something in your face and distracts you from the purpose. Stay on track, gal!

Buchanan is a nice town, from what I know of it. It stays fondly in my memory as it was the first trip I made outside of Monrovia at the end of 2008. It was the first time I met our CA crew from all over Liberia. It was a bit over-whelming and it took some time before I could place each name, with the face, and the place where they were deployed. Buchanan was also the first field trip where I got a hint of the dehydration and migraine factor that would afflict me on most of my field visits in Liberia. Buchanan was also where I saw the Nepali FPU serving as peace-keepers which suddenly took me back to my time working in Nepal. It was also the first place where I had a chance to mingle with people in a village with my trusty Canon 50D taking aim. The fun photos are in the slideshow that should come next…

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If you have to be deployed in one of the Liberian counties, GBC is q good place to end up. When the railway is fully operational to Nimba County things will speed up even more as the iron ore industry and forestry (logging) will boost the economy and bring in more action. Even though its not in Grand Bassa County, you drive past Firestone HQ on the way and rubber is also a big economic driver in the county.  There are plenty of issues to work on, NGOs to assist, and conferences to attend!

Memories of Grand Bassa County

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Buchanan is a port town about 3 hours drive from Monrovia, depending on how many potholes you encounter along the way! I first went there in 2008 just after arriving in Liberia. Since then I’ve flown over it a few times on the heli and last time I drive there was about 6 months ago.So its overdue for a few photos on the blog!

Well, this has taken me 3 hours to get this far and I’m darned frustrated with the stupid wordpress gallery that refuses to put large photos down the single column, and this silly small netbook that doesn’t display all the screen that I need! so I’ll publish in this slideshow format instead and I think that looks pretty okay. Next time, I might add some more later from our stop at the village market. It has been a long time since I posted any photos from Liberia.! I’m not sure why I prefer to think about my memories from holidays of different places in Africa that are far from here, but my therapist would suggest it means something! Still, its been a fun trip down memory lane, or at least it would’ve been if technology had been a bit more cooperative.