life is a safari

just to let you know that we had a fabulous safari – 3 weeks in uganda, kenya and tanzania in september ’09.

the fotos and stories of our gorilla trek can now be found on my ‘fayzfotos – uganda’ page!! check it out! meanwhile i’ll get working on some wordz & fotoz about kenya

‘life is a safari’!
… and if it isn’t we should make it more so.

make adventures,
capture memories.
thirsty animals panting,
hungry animals hunting,
wild animals playing.
grasp the beautiful dangerous world.

stare at the savannah,
the azure blue skies,
and feel small in all that space.
laugh when u eat dust.
share a whispered ‘wow’ with friendz.
watch for the unexpected.
listen to nature.
breathe it all in!

few people ever have this opportunity

life is a safari!