Another sanity break in Accra


And so it is time for another sanity break, or officially ‘R&R’ from Liberia. But wot to do? Where to go?? In Feb 09 I went to Kenya, in June I’ll go to Aust, and in Sept to Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania!! I needed a cheap and easy option where I could rest and also catch some much longed for Internet time! So, I ended up in Accra mainly in my hotel glued to the Internet and playing with Lightroom – photo-editing software. It is becoming clear to me that my hobby is photography and there’s so much to see and fotograph in Africa. Its been a fruitful week in my objective to master Lightroom and organise all my fotos, and to find a way to display them that will be manageable from my internet deprived life in Monrovia. Not that you cannot get internet, just that I can’t connect my Mac laptop to the UN internet and the local internet service providers are frustratingly slow and way too expensive!

Hence, my decision is to grow out this weblog with many pages which will remain fairly unchanged but will give me scope to chat about different places and display some fotoz. Meanwhile this home page will stay focussed on life in the broader sense of my existence in Liberia. It seems logical to me and I hope it will allow me to keep everything in one site and not to get tangled up in facebook and photobucket and flickr and nomads travel-blog and all the other options that exist in cyberspace. This will be my home site…

See the sanity break has allowed a decision!!


Interlude in Ghana

pretty cool tree-top walk and great to see tourism developing. pity i didn't get to see any birds!

pretty cool tree-top walk and great to see tourism developing. pity i didn't get to see any birds!

Every 2 months mentally exhausted staff get a short 5-day reprieve from the office routine. I took my 1st interlude recently in Accra, Ghana. Accra is a big city and I was there in the lead up to the Ghana Presidential elections, so there were a lot of banners and campaigning. The election was very close and they now need to have a run-off election on 28th Dec to decide between the 2 main candidates. Staying at the beautiful ‘La Palm Beach Resort Hotel’ was quite nice – see the poolside fotos. I must admit I didn’t do much except connect to the internet, watch TV, flap about in the pool, and lounge around reading and resting.

ah luxury - resting by the swimming pool!

ah luxury - resting by the swimming pool!

However, I did venture forth on a day-long tourism trip to Cape Coast fort museum and Kakum National Park – see more fotos! The rain forest tree-top walk was quite good altho’ the 100’s of school children on the walk with us did kind of shatter the tranquility. We had lunch in a crocodile park where 31 crocs live – not sure how they verify the number. Then we went to Cape Coast Fort which is now a museum to the slave trade. Talk about a grim place in the dungeons where 1,000s of men and women were chained in the dark before being shipped off to their new placements. It’s terrible to think of how many people died and the general inhumanity of buying and selling people, but the slave-trade was big business. Walking the musty dungeons in the old fort certainly made the horror more real. Thankfully, 200 years ago they ended the slave-trade, but in a way it still continues in the morphed, modernised form of human trafficking – no ball and chain, but no freedom either.

I was surprised at how tired I was after just 2 months here. Unlike other missions I’ve worked in, here the living is tougher and there’s nowhere to really escape to on a weekend…although at least they finally stopped the nonsense of making us work on Saturdays. Now it is countdown to the next holiday – perhaps ‘Interlude in Casablanca’, or in ‘Interlude in Cape Town’. But meanwhile, i’ve got to continue livin’nLiberia!!