Liberian Flag Day

Today is the 164th celebration of Liberian Flag Day, the National holiday to celebrate the significance and symbolism of the Liberian flag. In honour of the day there is usually a parade before the President and other events, but for most it is just a holiday. My security guard did pronounce that “today is da proud day for the Liberian Flag”, although he could not tell me what made it a proud day. I was probably asking too much.

The Liberian flag, in case you haven’t noticed is very similar to the flag of the USA, but with only a single star, otherwise known as the ‘lone star’. I wonder what the average Liberian has to celebrate about the current flag and all the national symbols? They are celebrating the birth of the nation by freed slaves sent from the USA courtesy of the American Colonisation Society and their close national links with the States. Perhaps for most people that is no longer relevant or a point worthy of celebration. It might be time to design a new flag that captures a fresh and modern symbolism for the identity of this nation…and before you ask, I have no idea what that might be!

Until things change, I attach 2 photos:

(1) the President of the Republic of liberia seated on her gold chair with the flag on the gold table in front of her; and,

(2) the flag on a pole outside the Administration building in Harper, Maryland County.

And since we speak of flags, Liberia is also a flag of convenience country which allows shipping companies to register ships and sail under the Liberian flag without ever sailing into the Liberian port. I think I have an amusing photo for this situation – a boat flying the Liberian flag in Lamu Island, Kenya. 🙂