Are you climbing the right mountain?

They say that the only constant is change!

This has certainly been true in my professional career. When I worked in Liberia, even the routine work was never routine! I had opportunities to travel to each of the 15 counties across Liberia.

I met county Superintendents, Government officials, and lots of regular people. I worked with people from all part of Liberia, all countries in Africa and beyond. My official working hours were 09.00 to 17.00, but you can be sure I worked many more hours than that. It’s never possible to totally switch off.

I got caught in rain storms like I’ve never seen before. I drove on roads that were so muddy and pot-holed I wouldn’t even call them tracks. I dodged malaria but I got some stomach bug that still bothers me today. I had fascinating discussions. I heard too many tragic stories. I was scared and I was fascinated.

No day was predictable even if I knew what was in my schedule.

There was always so much to do. There still is so much to do.

I don’t believe I can expect to get everything done – there just aren’t enough hours in the day. So the important thing is to prioritise and be sure I’m spending time on the right things.

That’s why I ask myself:

Am I focused on the things that matter?

Am I working today on the things that will make a difference tomorrow?

To be honest I usually fail, but at least I ask myself the focussing questions 🙂

So today I’m asking the same question but with a different angle: Am I climbing the right mountain?

One thing is for certain; I don’t want to wear myself out climbing a mountain only to find it wasn’t the right mountain for me. It doesn’t matter how appealing the view might be, or how challenging the climb appears, or how much my friends encourage me. If it’s not the right mountain for me, I don’t care about the brilliant view – I’ve got to focus on the stuff that matters to me.

I have to find my mountain and climb it!

Have you found your mountain? Are you focussed on climbing your own mountain for your own reasons?

(Truth – this is a photo of Ugandan mountains as there aren’t really too many mountains in Liberia.)

Be sure you are climbing the right mountain AF INSTA




Time hurtles past us

Time hurtles along like this timber truck on a dusty Liberian road!

It is a shame that so many years have passed by without a single entry in this neglected blog. Shame Fay, shame.

Logging truck 2

The truck hurtles along and we remain covered in red dust.

In my defence I have been rather busy and the pace of work is not getting any slower. It is over 5 years since I left Monrovia for Nicosia.

There’s no comparison between the two cities except to say that Monrovia is about 3 times larger. It’s probably 5 times dustier in dry season too, although there are days when the dust from the Sahara settles over the island of Cyprus and everything is covered with a fine layer of silt.

There’s no way to describe what I’ve been up to since leaving Liberia so I won’t even try. The truth is that Africa is still in my heart and I sometimes look at the bleached European faces of the Mediterranean and I miss my African brothers and sisters.

I miss the fufu.

I miss the rough and tumble beaches.

I miss the pelting rain storms.

I miss the colleagues who became my friends.

I miss drinking from a freshly cut coconut.


Man pushing his wheelbarrow laden with fresh coconuts. Waterfront, Monrovia.

And yes I am feeling nostalgic.

It’s my birthday.

I admit that I usually tried to get out of Liberia whenever this day rolled along, but today I wouldn’t mind popping over to Monrovia and having a look around. I bet things have changed so much.

New ‘Royal Hotel’.

Tidier and busier Golden Beach.

A few new roads have been built while others have more pot-holes.

More modern cars. Different taxis.


Newly paved and widened road from central Monrovia heading out of town towards the Airport.

I wonder what impact the Ebola crisis had on the Liberian handshake and the ‘three kisses on the cheeks’ greetings.  I wonder how my friends are doing. I wonder how the new President is faring. I wonder about Liberia without the UN Mission.

So much wondering.

One day I should wander back and answer some of my wonderings.


It’s that time of year again…

It is that time of year again when we all should reflect on the past and plan for the future while living in the moment! The reflective mood has come upon me to the extent that I dusted off the laptop and opened up my blog! Imagine my joy when I observed that my stats have been booming despite my 10 months hiatus busy with other tasks. Suddenly 20,000 plus views, which shows there is still an interested audience.

Suddenly I am eager to type and post a few more words. It also makes sense to face the fact that I am no longer living in Liberia and I should update and transform my blog to acknowledge the current reality. I always knew that a blog about Liberia was a little different and would find a few curious readers, and then when I moved on I didn’t really know what to do with the blog. I left it…floating in the blogosphere…and yet it was always something that could not be left untended. As well as describing my experience in Liberia, it was also an expression of me and my life experience and it doesn’t need to be limited to my Liberian chapter.

While I have not yet decided on the precise nature of my next blog-steps, I do want to indicate that this blog is not forgotten, it is not redundant, or dead. I have plenty more experiences from Liberia that it would be healthy to express as well as a whole lot more to tell about the present and the future. Since my platform exists, I will breathe new life into it. Refresh and reinvigorate things a little. It is that time of year again, after all!

Catch you again soon!


Celebrating the release of the last Ebola patient in Liberia

While it is wonderful that the last Ebola patient has been released from hospital in Liberia, until the virus is eradicated in neighbouring Guinea and Sierra Leone, Liberians should not be complacent. Read more at the BBC…

Let’s celebrate the victory in Liberia and hope for the same in the neighbouring countries…soon!

To the next 10,000 views

Whew that milestone is over! 9,999 to 10,000, 10,001, and onwards towards 10,050 and the next 10,000 will come. That’s life hey, one click, one minute, one idea, and one step at a time!! Before you know it the day is over, the week is done, the month is finished and the next one is beginning!! So, here’s to the next day, the next click, and the next dream idea!

I dug into my files for these two lunchtime photos. These guys worked on the construction site next to my place, and they built a 5 storey apartment block – one brick at a time!




Isn’t it funnily human to want to watch a number tick or click over – from 9,999 to 10,000! I’ve sometimes driven with eyes on the odometer watching for the magical once in a lifetime moment! the bigger the number, the greater the excitement. Ain’t it true!

So imagine my excitement at anticipating the click over from 9,999 to 10,000 hits on this blog. I have no idea who it will be. No idea what continent; what country; what time zone. I’m also curious to know what motivated the 10,000th visitor to drop by…and maybe even to say hi!…especially when there is no prize! 

Congratulations! Maybe you are visitor number 10,000 to this blog, and you are most welcome!

Thanks for the thrill!