About Me

In brief, I’ve been travelling, volunteering, and earning a living overseas since 1991 or thereabouts – in China, Albania, Kosovo, Nepal, and Liberia, West Africa! In Sept 2012, I moved to the beautiful but divided island of Cyprus.

Since I entered Liberia I became increasingly interested in photography, inspired by the vast beauty of African landscape and wildlife…that and the need for a more creative outlet beyond the office cube!! I wanted to use this blog page to show snippets of life in Liberia since it is a location that few people visit!

As for me personally – I prefer salty not sweet; tea not coffee; beach not mountains; action not sloth; giggles not tears; freedom not capture;

At the bottom line, I aspire to make a positive impact on the world and to make people laugh occasionally… I’m pretty sure there’s a vision out there for me to find and fulfill, but I’m still exploring options about where I should invest my energy and resources outside of my working hours’ contribution.

I’m glad u dropped by to read this and I hope you feel free to do so again…and again..and again…


14 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Fay,
    i was talking to someone the other day about you, so I thought i’d see if you had a spot on google somewhere, and I found this. I like it! I like your list of 20 places to visit; i went to about 8 of them in 1992; the gorillas were a highlight. I can understand your need to photograph1
    Neil Blenkinsop

  2. Hey Neil! Long time! Hope you had good things to say 🙂 Thanks for searching me out and liking this space. Maybe we’ll catch up in my next visit to SA and we can swap safari stories. Cheers 4 now!

  3. …any chance that you may visit the east coast when you come back to aussie land after Christmas? Amazing photos by the way…and as always, I’m looking forward to a continuous and deeper treatise on your life philosophy/worldview. Blessya and a happy new year, Allan Jessen

  4. Well you never know your luck, but most likely I won’t get time. Hope all is good with you. Happy New Year!!

  5. Hi there! Well, the up-side of the work routine is that there are opportunities to explore this country and this continent, so it does bring some excitement to life. If your brother worked in Liberia, he would see some changes in Monrovia now. No olde sweet shops here though! I have a Canon 50D which does the job nicely, though I dream of up-grading one day.
    Thanks for commenting.

  6. Oh, I forgot to ask whether you know where your brother was based while in Liberia?

  7. Interesting. I am not sure how to find your email address!
    Cheers, Fay

  8. Hi Fay
    Pleasant surprise to come across this by accident but maybe not. Glad to see you on line. I am coming back to Liberia in September. Melbourne is cold at the moment and I am just about to go to the Liberian flag day celebrations being held in Geelong and I was invited to be the key note speaker. Shall we meet again at the mamba point hotel for a club beer? I will be in the UAE and then Ghana for a week then onto Liberia Sept 29th for 2 weeks and then back to Melbourne.
    Hope to see you. jack@jfr-group.com

  9. Its a nice surprise to see you here also! I don’t think we’ll get to meet because by the time you arrive I will have left Liberia – for good. All the best with your ventures! Liberia has plenty of potential!

  10. I am interested in using one of your photographs. I have given due credit to you on the format but will need written permission from you as you have stated.

  11. Hey Anne!! It seems that you are still out there twinkling!! I will like your fb page soon. Do you know that I will be in Adelaide at the end of March but sadly not on the 14th for your book launch. What a pity!! It would be such fun to catch up! My email address is faylene.w@gmail.com in case that is helpful!
    Love and laughter,

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