Are you climbing the right mountain?

They say that the only constant is change!

This has certainly been true in my professional career. When I worked in Liberia, even the routine work was never routine! I had opportunities to travel to each of the 15 counties across Liberia.

I met county Superintendents, Government officials, and lots of regular people. I worked with people from all part of Liberia, all countries in Africa and beyond. My official working hours were 09.00 to 17.00, but you can be sure I worked many more hours than that. It’s never possible to totally switch off.

I got caught in rain storms like I’ve never seen before. I drove on roads that were so muddy and pot-holed I wouldn’t even call them tracks. I dodged malaria but I got some stomach bug that still bothers me today. I had fascinating discussions. I heard too many tragic stories. I was scared and I was fascinated.

No day was predictable even if I knew what was in my schedule.

There was always so much to do. There still is so much to do.

I don’t believe I can expect to get everything done – there just aren’t enough hours in the day. So the important thing is to prioritise and be sure I’m spending time on the right things.

That’s why I ask myself:

Am I focused on the things that matter?

Am I working today on the things that will make a difference tomorrow?

To be honest I usually fail, but at least I ask myself the focussing questions 🙂

So today I’m asking the same question but with a different angle: Am I climbing the right mountain?

One thing is for certain; I don’t want to wear myself out climbing a mountain only to find it wasn’t the right mountain for me. It doesn’t matter how appealing the view might be, or how challenging the climb appears, or how much my friends encourage me. If it’s not the right mountain for me, I don’t care about the brilliant view – I’ve got to focus on the stuff that matters to me.

I have to find my mountain and climb it!

Have you found your mountain? Are you focussed on climbing your own mountain for your own reasons?

(Truth – this is a photo of Ugandan mountains as there aren’t really too many mountains in Liberia.)

Be sure you are climbing the right mountain AF INSTA




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