It’s that time of year again…

It is that time of year again when we all should reflect on the past and plan for the future while living in the moment! The reflective mood has come upon me to the extent that I dusted off the laptop and opened up my blog! Imagine my joy when I observed that my stats have been booming despite my 10 months hiatus busy with other tasks. Suddenly 20,000 plus views, which shows there is still an interested audience.

Suddenly I am eager to type and post a few more words. It also makes sense to face the fact that I am no longer living in Liberia and I should update and transform my blog to acknowledge the current reality. I always knew that a blog about Liberia was a little different and would find a few curious readers, and then when I moved on I didn’t really know what to do with the blog. I left it…floating in the blogosphere…and yet it was always something that could not be left untended. As well as describing my experience in Liberia, it was also an expression of me and my life experience and it doesn’t need to be limited to my Liberian chapter.

While I have not yet decided on the precise nature of my next blog-steps, I do want to indicate that this blog is not forgotten, it is not redundant, or dead. I have plenty more experiences from Liberia that it would be healthy to express as well as a whole lot more to tell about the present and the future. Since my platform exists, I will breathe new life into it. Refresh and reinvigorate things a little. It is that time of year again, after all!

Catch you again soon!



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