Faced with the desire to be Reckless

I woke up this morning with a desire to write and post recklessly without the usual care and limitations, and without knowing what thoughts are compelled to escape onto the blank screen. Not sure what brought this on, but will run with it anyway! ūüôā

Having written that, my mind has gone blank. I don’t really have a lot to say beyond describing my¬†life in Liberia –¬†but that is hardly reckless posting! As for all the other topics, (such as my¬†personal thoughts¬†and¬†political opinions, my dreams, fears and ideas), ¬†well I type a paragraph on those things and then I swiftly delete it. Too much personal information. I’m obviously reflecting my personality into my blog. I’m not a reckless person. In person¬†and¬†through the social media, I am cautious about what I reveal to others. People have commented that it is not easy to get to know the real me. “Yes”, I agree with¬†a sweet smile! I know it. The difficulty with recklessness and the social media is that¬†I don’t¬†know all of the readers and there’s no way to control who reads the words or how they might interpret the message. Therefore I want¬†to keep this blog at¬†the safe¬†level¬†of information sharing and photos. I am obviouly retreating from recklessness pretty rapidly!

Okay, I do take many risks and my life is far from ordinary. Some would say that living outside of Australia in post-conflict countries, or travelling alone as I often do, is reckless Рbut its not really. Whatever I do is always a calculated risk and I know Plan B and C to get out of a tricky situation. In fact I will rarely walk into a tricky situation. Planning removes the recklessness from my path.

If there were a scale between Routine and Reckless, I’d be edging upwards from the middle…getting somewhere close to Risk-taker but not at Adventurer or Reckless dare-devil level yet!!¬† Certainly, I have moved beyond the ordinary routine of the comfortable city life I could have had back in Oz. That suits me just fine! Its good to be comfortable with who you are and your level of discomfort so that you can push it out just a little, each time!

But then I do have moments when I want to break free and be reckless. Is that part of the¬†normal human condition? I wish I didn’t care so much about my professional reputation. I wish¬†I didn’t care what people thought of me personally. Then I would wear jeans everyday, even when meeting VIPs. Say all the outrageous things that cross my mind. Voice the wickedly cheeky observations that are far too politically incorrect! Snap photos of every person or scene that attracts my eye, even if people don’t like it. Travel alone. Spend all my money. Laugh and laugh and laugh all day, loudly and for no particular reason.¬†Play insane jokes on people.¬†At least that’s how I would start¬†IF I were to be more reckless. Oh, and I’d probably blog more recklessly too!!! Commit it all to writing and damn the consequences!

Does anyone else have that desire or urge?

Well, that was a nice moment of exploration, but¬†even though I desire¬†to¬†do something entirely reckless – it ain’t going to happen! Not today and not here in this blog post!! I’m far too sensible to tell you something recklessly and regret it later ūüôā¬† (Pushing the publish button for this post will take care of my reckless urges for today!)

Sorry-o, she says with¬† sweet smile!! Til next time…


4 thoughts on “Faced with the desire to be Reckless

  1. Faye, I can appreciate the situation you are in, and don’t have any expectations of what you write. What you do put up is certainly interesting anyway.

    Neil Blenkinsop

  2. Ha, I hope you are right about it being interesting! So I’ll just enjoy being free when I’m on holidays. ūüôā Hope you are well.

  3. Well Cestos has really left you in a bold and daring mood Darling!!! Now I am on your blog I feel like quite an important person!!! Enjoy the fish and the beach and more musings for us to browse! Just got back from melb and have a friend staying so will email you next week with news! H x

  4. Yes, sometimes the mood sweeps up and overwhelms! Don’t you feel the same?! Anyway I am containing myself until my next holiday – another safari in Kenya SOON!! xx

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