I need to write a few words…

Okay, I must make an effort here and post some words. It has been silent here on the blog for 2 weeks and my only excuse is that life has been fast and the internet has been slow! I’ve got too many important things to do but I don’t seem to be very successful at accomplishing them. Like last Sunday, I had the day to chill, edit photos, and post a piece on the blog. Did I achieve any of that? I did edit some photos, but I certainly didn’t chill and the post got messed up too. Its frustrating because I can’t exactly define where the time went and why things didn’t get done.

On reflection, its been a theme for 2011, as there are several important things that I have not done – and I don’t know why they didn’t get done. The slow internet service is a good excuse, but it is more than that. Something in my motivation to do the hard stuff is missing. Or maybe I’m too tired from just doing the essential work tasks that t the essential non-work tasks don’t get addressed. Hmmm, it will have to be faced soon enough I guess, because I’ve got 2 essential non-work tasks looming and I need to buy those plane tickets! Actually maybe that is the missing ingredient – an urgent deadline. The plane tickets will be purchased because holidays have a deadline. But other things that I want and plan to do, like writing here, don’t have fixed deadlines. It seems that tasks without a credible, unbreakable deadline, simply don’t get done! Well, there’s a useful revelation that has come of this rambling.

Except of course, that’s probably too simplistic! There are many reasons why some tasks get done and others don’t, and while having a deadline might be a strong motivator, its not the only one. There is also the motivation of feeling good, satisfied with an accomplishment. There’s also motivation that comes from ticking off an item from the ‘to do list’. I’m not sure that there are (m)any other motivators for me.

So, at least I wrote some words. Another post has been submitted. I am satisfied 🙂 and my ‘to do list’ is one item shorter 🙂

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