On safari

I have just returned from a month on safari!! The recent posts of life in Liberia were prepared before I left Monrovia and have been posted from east Africa thanks to the luxury of fast internet service provision! I wanted to get something on the board for September.

Safari? Yes indeed. We enjoyed the beauty of the Okavango Delta in Botswana; Vic Falls and South Luanga Park in Zambia; Serian Camp in the Mara North Conservancy, Kenya; the mountain gorillas in Rwanda; and then chilled out on the beach in Zanzibar, Tanzania. If you include the 1 day in Zimbabwe then we covered 6 countries in 30 days of wonderful safari bliss seeing the best of African nature and wildlife. What a privilege!

If you have never had the opportunity to go on safari then its very hard to explain the experience, but it is a unique way to spend a holiday. You quickly get into a routine of 5am wake-up calls, early morning game drives, cups of tea sipped in the savannah, afternoon naps, afternoon game drives, sun-downers under the savannah sunset, shared dinners and excited conversations before collapsing in bed thrilled and anticipating more of the same the next day. In the midst of the tea breaks, there is always a sense of anticipation when on a game drive. You never know what you will find around the next corner – wildlife viewing is fascinating and unpredictable. Even in the moments when there are no animals to be seen, there is no boredom because you can breathe in the fresh air, absorb the beautiful landscape and the vastness of the open spaces and blue skies. On top of that, if you love photography you will be in heaven as a safari gives so many photo opportunities. I took close to 16,000 photos in 30 days, so now I’m set to constructively pass my spare time for the next months!

My main mental challenge now is to manage the post-safari blues that have hit me since my return to Monrovia. 😦   I will do that by concentrating on photo editing! Rather than get sucked into commenting on the election dramas underway in Liberia (Tuesday is the day for ‘da voting business’) I can write about ‘my brilliant safari’ and share the best photos in future blogs (ISP gods allowing).

By the way, I passed another milestone recently. 28 September marked my 3 years in Liberia! The only thing I’ll say about that is that it feels like its time to make a ‘go forward’ plan.


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