Spruicing up Monrovia, Liberia

I am so used to seeing the small stalls, crazy yellow taxis, and the chaos of Duala and Red Light market areas, that the recent developments in Monrovia are a pleasant surprise which almost passed without notice. There is a new one-way road movement in the central area, newly painted zebra-crossings, new road-signs, and even street signs in Sinkor! Something is in the air!! Here are a few shots snapped from the vehicle window but I hope it gives you the impression that things are moving “small, small” in the big city.

Perhaps it took the ‘birds’ eye view’ I got from the new 8 storey office building for me to recognise the progress being made, because from the 5th floor it was great to see the new buildings on the horizon. The road infrastructure is being tidied up and some new forms of public transport are emerging…this is my favourite! 🙂

In keeping with the Liberian flag theme of my last post, this photo incorporates the flag into the billboard message from the President of the Republic, “Liberia will Rise Again!”. Its a sentiment of hope that might be realised if the country can pass through the forth-coming election smoothly.


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