Memories of Grand Bassa County

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Buchanan is a port town about 3 hours drive from Monrovia, depending on how many potholes you encounter along the way! I first went there in 2008 just after arriving in Liberia. Since then I’ve flown over it a few times on the heli and last time I drive there was about 6 months ago.So its overdue for a few photos on the blog!

Well, this has taken me 3 hours to get this far and I’m darned frustrated with the stupid wordpress gallery that refuses to put large photos down the single column, and this silly small netbook that doesn’t display all the screen that I need! so I’ll publish in this slideshow format instead and I think that looks pretty okay. Next time, I might add some more later from our stop at the village market. It has been a long time since I posted any photos from Liberia.! I’m not sure why I prefer to think about my memories from holidays of different places in Africa that are far from here, but my therapist would suggest it means something! Still, its been a fun trip down memory lane, or at least it would’ve been if technology had been a bit more cooperative.


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