maybe tomorrow the sun will shine through

wot a bonus – we got let out early today!! i feel like a school kid released from class and a hideous maths test – yay! thanks george! so its fri nite, not yet 6 pm and i’m enjoying my 2nd glass of wine and a chance to write a few wordz. to be honest, i don’t know wot happened, but somehow a month has almost passed and nothing has come from my keyboard to here. sorry! well, i did have another holiday – that was a good thing – except it kept me from here. 10 days in Durban and St Lucia, in the Republic of South africa! very nice indeed – even in winter. so i hope my next blog will tell of that sweet little journey! 🙂

in the meantime i’m back in the blue cubicle swamped with too many pressures and tasks – and that too has kept me from here. i don’t mind working hard but when there is a never-ending ‘to do’ list in front of me (growing not shrinking) and the rain goes on for days without sunshine peeking through, and the stuff you do as a volunteer just makes u a target for criticism, well it just wears me down. i’m really fed up.

but hey, i’ve been fed up before and yet i’m still here. maybe that’s just how it is on this western side of the continent. so i’ll enjoy another sip of wine and get to my RSA holiday foto editing. who knows, maybe tomorrow things won’t look so grey!


One thought on “maybe tomorrow the sun will shine through

  1. speaking of waiting for the sun to shine through- it aint happening here sister! this winter has been freezing, wet and long, and its only july. Speaking of cold im at victor for three days, not quite the exotics of east africa or unganda, although theres probably an op shop selling a novelity or t shirt from those parts!
    what happens with these replies , do they go public, or your eyes only?
    great photos by the way, that one day course should be worth the effort. i remember learning a few things of a south african park ranger who took photos for national geographic!
    stay dry/warm/content/ and eat fresh fruit if not plenty of chocolate (preferably swiss!).

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