Its my unhappy birthday

Its my birthday today and i’m stuck here far from home and friends. For some reason which i don’t fully comprehend (sarcasm so early in the day) i strongly long to be far from Liberia on these milestones in life, but this year i’m here. I just woke up to find that its raining. Grey skies and rain are so depressing 😦 so even the opportunity to enjoy Liberia’s beaches might be lost, and the internet is sure to be slower. I’m not happy…and I think u should be happy ur birthday…shouldn’t u?! Yes, we all agree, u should.I haven’t had my coffee yet or jumped onto skype to talk with my friends in civilised places around the world, so let me not wallow in gloom before the drugs kick in.

Here’s to an opportunity to make a miserable grey unhappy day into a very happy birthday! 🙂

(I’ll let u know how it turns out)


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