An afternoon walk in Entebbe, Uganda

I’m now back in Liberia but in order to catch up on past events, here are a few fotos from our afternoon stroll around Entebbe, Uganda. May was a beautiful month in Uganda – blue skies generally with white fluffy clouds, broken by brief periods of rain. Unlike Monrovia, in Entebbe it is safe and pleasant to stroll the streets on a sunny afternoon. As you can see from the fotos, there are pavements, street lights, zebra crossings, and a general sense of order and calm in the city. Very nice! Well, it may seem odd to say that, but after living in Liberia where chaos is normal – traffic lights, obedient drivers and pedestrians, and clean orderly places become worthy of comment. 

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People pretty much leave you to your business but if you engage them in conversation they are friendly, talkative and curious. I like East Africa :). This fruit-selling lady had a nice chat with me about my hair, different types of mangoes, and the Ugandan economy. By the way, the mangoes were delicious!! Of course, that was the other noticable difference – fresh fruit and luscious avocadoes that lasted longer than a day before going rotten and tasted full of flavour and sunshine.

The only downside of the country was the high visibility of police and security guards. When you enter a restaurant security will search your bag and run the metal detector over your body as if you were about to board a flight! Mind you, these guards are armed with rifles and the like. That seems a little OTT, but i guess given the uncertainty of these days in that region, it pays to be cautious.


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