Weekly Photo Challenge – RED

i’m going to mix the weekly photo challenge with a few wordz about food in Liberia. i took these fotos on my iPhone earlier this year with the view to illustrate visually the lack of decent fresh veg in Liberia. take these small red tomatoes for example – they’re red – but they’re also pocked, small, and tasteless. you’ll have to trust my word on the taste. they are as expensive as in a western-world supermarket, but you would probably grumble if they offered you such poor quality food items. [truth be known, on the day these tomatoes were actually good by usual Liberian standards and i bought a handful].

the second red veg in my collection was the red pepper. i didn’t buy this as it was soft and already wrinkled from age. i trust there’s no need to comment on the state of the zucchini!

even tho’ carrots are not red, they’re kind of close. so my final photo offering is these carrots which are also in a state of decay – orange slowly tinging to black.

i know that its nothing extraordinary in terms of photography, but oh how we have suffeRED in Liberia from this impoRtED, batteREDRED veg.

(I must add that there is a small fresh fruit market on a street corner where the produce is seasonal and fresher, but its a pretty limited variety and a lot of hassle to shop there.)


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