My 50th post – a grand milestone!

this is my 50th post! yes i know its taken a longtime to get to that milestone  for a blog that started in Sept 2008, but the internet connectivity has been a severe limitation here in liberia. still the message is clear… the more regularly that i post wordz, the more visitors pop by to read the wordz. the stats / numbers tell the story quite simply.

in the first 4 months of 2011 i have posted 15 times and had 304 visitors. in the whole 12 months of 2010 i posted 14 times and had 363 visitors. so PostAWeek has got my site more active and me more connected to the people and more committed to my blog. when one is isolated in a distant post-conflict country social networking is all the more important, and i like the fact that i have a few comments and subscriptions from complete strangers. every time i browse through the freshly pressed posts i see that there’s such a lot of interesting stuff out there in wordpress land.

the big difference in allowing me to post more often, was getting a modem stick that allows me slow but fairly okay internet service on my personal netbook. thanks LibTelCo.

which all means that i can sit here on a saturday morning in my apartment in monrovia and submit my 50th post while the generators rumble outside and the coffee brews for breakfast! i hope lots of people can pop by and read the wordz… 🙂

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