hug a giraffe

the holiday is over and i’m back in my blue cube (office) in monrovia, liberia,  dreaming of the next one! i ticked another place off of my ‘Top 20 Places to Visit in Africa’ list because I spent 3 days in Krueger national Park, in the Republic of South Africa. I also did do 2 unexpected things that were not on my ‘to do list’, which were pretty cool.

Pat a lion cub! Hug a giraffe!

Most of the holiday was spent in Johannesburg which is not exactly a tourist city because of the safety aspect. If you only have limited time in RSA you really should get out of there as soon as you can! Cape Town and the western cape area is superb and a much much better place to spend your valuable holiday time.  But if you are forced to stay in Joburg for a while there are some nice restaurants to visit and shopping centres seem to be the place to see people, eat out, and shop. Its all very modern and organised and its a pleasure to be on roads with lanes and street signs and traffic lights! I stayed with a friend who has been living there for 2 years so that’s a definite advantage in terms of learning more about the place. I will add that the medical services are great if you have money – you can just walk in a pay for the service without too much hassle at all.

The fun part of the Joburg time was a trip to the Lion Park about an hour outside of the city. You can have 10 minutes with lion cubs, yes, actually patting them and clicking as many fotos as your camera will allow in that time! Then you can feed and pat and even hug a giraffe. How often do you get a chance to do that?!?! Then there are different areas to drive through where there are lions and cheetahs and wild dogs – more foto opportunities and still fun even if its in a park rather than in the wild. If you want to you can book an hour ‘walking with the cheetahs’ but we didn’t do that so I don’t know how it goes, but I imagine that would be a buzz!

PS. My last trip to RSA was spent in Cape Town in Dec 2009 and you can read about that elsewhere in this blog if you are curious. And my list of Top 10 Places to visit in Africa is also posted.


2 thoughts on “hug a giraffe

  1. i hope you do one day! it’s really neat and you can feel all the nodules under the skin.

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