i’m heading south to johannesburg

its time to revisit holiday memories! on thursday i’m outta here, heading south! back to the cape of good hope, table mountain, and the vineyards of the Republic of South Africa! yum! and my first time to Jo’burg and krueger national park, and much more! so to whet my appetite, i delved back into my flickr album for a few highlights…

my last trip to RSA was in december 2009 and the gorgeous summer weather will have passed, but still i expect its going to be beautiful. the plan is to meet friends, head straight to krueger national park for 3 days and then drive along the garden route to cape town for a few days and then fly back from there.  it will be fun to be with a friend and i hope i get the chance for a few sweet fotoz which can duly be shared with all!

so i’m going to set myself a holiday photo challenge. 12 days of holiday! 1) i want to take a sharp beautiful landscape photo; 2) i want to take photos with patterns and shadows; 3) i want to improve my portrait shots by capturing some natural poses of my friends; 4) i want to document the holiday with  snappy video; and 5)  i want to photograph a ‘kill’ while on safari – but that one doesn’t depend on me!

Today’s up-date from Liberia’s international airport. I’ve got malaria, for the first time. No wonder I’ve been feeling lousy these last weeks. at least i had the sense to follow up the blood tests becoz the clinic didn’t chase me to let me know! So, in order to post some words today….that’s the latest news….i’m off on my latest blue sky journey!!


One thought on “i’m heading south to johannesburg

  1. Beautiful photos! I hope to visit South Africa later this year…

    Hopefully the malaria doesn’t inhibit your photography goals and you can get that “kill” picture you want! 🙂

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