a short visit to maryland county, liberia

for a blog that claims to describe my life as an expat in liberia, i haven’t had much to say about this country for a while! so, this week i’ll try to rectify that.

i went on a field trip to harper, maryland county, in the south-east of liberia, with the srsg – head of the UN mission. this trip she focussed on the peace-keeping troops and we stayed overnight in PakBatt, so there always seemed to be soldiers around. not that i’m complaining – its always nice to be surrounded by men (and women) in uniform!

the capital city, harper, was the landing site of the freed slaves that came from america to eventually establish liberia. over the years they moved from harper to greenville, to buchanan, and finally to monrovia, but maryland was the beginning. you can tell that when u drive around, becoz there are some solid buildings with big columns and some of the architecture resembles what i imagine u’d see in the southern plantation belt of the USA. not that i have too many fotos to show u. most of my shots on this trip are of our air transport, peace-keepers, and general mission stuff, but hopefully i can make something interesting out of it.

maryland is a complicated county and there seem to be many issues bubbling under the surface. rumours of ritual killings have caused some consternation amongst the public over the last years and tensions can be quite high. because it borders with the ivory coast, some 100+ refugees have made there way recently. (most have gone to nimba, grand gedeh and river gee counties – totalling over 75,000 this week)

i’m going to try and make a slideshow of photos now rather than making a long post for people to scroll thru. let’s see if the internet can cope with that. slideshow uploaded…but when i preview the page, i don’t have the bandwidth to see it, just a nice black box… I really hope that viewers can see it

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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