towards blogging bliss

how is my blog shaping up as a result of PostAWeek2011? considering that it was in a serious slump in the last quarter of 2010, i think things are now looking more positive. i barely wrote anything at the end of last year. 

my blog had become stagnant and dormant. 😦

thankfully, it is now verdant and vibrant. 🙂

however, i have 4 lingering issues that keep me from blogging bliss:

1. Subscriptions. i need to let my friends know that i’ve posted something new, and hope they’ll look and even comment. i intended this blog as a way to keep them informed of life’s developments, but it seems that without a regular reminder from me, they forget to check in and see if i’ve made a new post. i should write a group email to alert friendz and also encourage them to subscribe so they don’t miss these vibrant wordz!

2. Blog Title. i’m wondering whether i should change the title, make it a bit broader . its been quite a while since i said anything about Liberia, and if someone was actually searching to find out about liberia and they came to my blog, they’d be pretty darn disappointed! my blog isn’t just about my life as an expat in liberia, its more about my whole life…at least the bits i share publicly. its a place where i try to capture the story and events of my present life and my presence on this planet. yes, i need to make a change there, when inspiration seizes me…

3. Stats and Activity. if stats are anything to go by, my blog was seriously inactive at the end of 2010 as there was no viewing activity of note. now that i’m posting something every week (almost) there seem to be more people dropping by for a look see. the stats seem to tell me that the viewing activity comes from random drop-ins for 3 or 4 days after i make a new post, and then there are 2 or 3 days of inactivity. the solution for that might be to post twice a week so that there’s always something happening in my stats graph. 🙂

4. Tech savy and Internet Speed. i love the progress i’ve made by having internet @ home. my netbook and modem certainly save the day (and the blog) for me. BUT i still get frustrated by the slow speed and capacity limitations.i want my blog to be more tech savy and zappy, but i’m isolated, without technological guidance, and deprived of the internet speed that might make those things possible. i can’t seem to download a PostAWeek badge, i can’t look at some photos becoz they often take too long to open on this browser, and i don’t even dare to try to view a video.  so, while i’ve made a small step forward, for as long as i’m here in liberia, maybe i’ve gone as far as that step will take me…

if you have any suggestions don’t hesitate to let me know


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