blue sky journey – the fotoz

silky skyi enjoy flying these days, especially if i can sit by a window and watch the cloud formations and snap a few shots. sometimes i get the aisle seat or my camera is up in the luggage compartment, or its overnight and there’s nothing to see. anyway, one day i’ll put up some of the more interesting blue sky fotoz that i have. these are just some snaps from my most recent blue sky journey – aust to africa – and this time i included fotoz of meals just to show something of the journey.

the sky can be very spectacular. this was taken somewhere over the ivory coast, flying between monrovia and accra. (kenya airlines – monrovia to accra. economy class)

sun rays

hmmm, i’m not sure how well these fotoz have uploaded. i’ll try some in medium size now…

living in liberia, its easy to forget that not everywhere enjoys tropical warmth. in germany its winter now which could be a shock to the body, if i actually left the airport – which i didn’t! frankfurt is a nice airport, but still not so traveller friendly. there are not so many seat to sit in if u can’t go into a lounge, and few free internet locations. after all the free wi-fi hotspots in oz, its weird to have to pay for internet access in an airport. that’s something that could be improved, guyz!

 (lufthansa – accra to frankfurt – economy class)

frankfurt airport in winter

the whole puspose in flying to europe is to hook up with Qantas Airlines for my treat – business class and frequent flyer miles! this is one of the qantas A380’s parked in sydney airport but i haven’t yet flown on one yet! (QANTAS Airways – Frankfurt to Sydney to Adelaide – Business class)

qantas A380

now a few shots snapped along the way of food, landscapes and blue skies! btw, it takes about 44 hours of time to fly between monrovia and adelaide, not counting the overnight stops along the way. that’s a long time, me thinks, which is why its an event that’s worthy of a post! 

this meal was actually the tastiest airline meal of the journey. delicious – and that’s saying something for an airline meal!! the artichoke was cooked to perfection, and the mashed potato tasted fine with the succulent chicken. and that’s fresh salad (better than anything we get here) and the wine was a nice sav-blanc from adelaide regions. wot else can u ask for. def worth flying business class.

breakfast about 90 mins out of singapore. quite tasty. i order almost everything available, becoz i figure that my duty – esp the vegemite on toast option! the tint makes it look a bit greenish, but its just that the cabin was dimmed for those who were sleeping. fish-cakes, eggs and bacon, brewed coffee, and an energiser drink. later we got fruit too, but no wine! 

ok – this has taken me 2 hours to post and up-date so i’m finished for now, altho’ i do have more fotos to add later.

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