for a reason?

PostAWeek2011 topic -‘ do u think everything happens for a reason?’

a big part of me believes there’s a reason for everything…and a season too…, but at the same time it feels a bit harsh to hold firmly to that while i think about people i know in Liberia. many of the major choices i’ve made in my life have been for a reason and know that i am not just randomly floating about in this planet. howeva, my life is good! i’ve had the luxury of choices and time for self-analysis and self-actualisation. how does all that gel with those less fortunate than i am? if you haven’t had choices and time to contemplate the meaning of life, is there less reason behind it? does it feel more random and less reasoned? …how does it feel?

i used to ponder that when i lived in albania and when i travelled about the globe. life hasn’t turned out so well for many people. i know that if i’d been born in a remote village somewhere else in the world, i’d be a different person, living quite a different life. its much easier to credit some reasoning behind the good parts of life, but much harder to apportion a reason for the bad things like war and famine and poverty and all the other suffering in the world. funny how we love to try to analyse and find the reason for everything. when (if) we find the answer, the reason, we are somehow comforted.

i don’t know the reason why i was born lucky, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to stop and think about it every now and then. maybe i should do more than write  few words to post on a blog page. it could be an interesting real-life discussion with some of my liberian friends when i get back from holidays.

(posted a bit late, coz i’ve been sick.)

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