keeping up with the goal

i’m rushing to keep up with my postaweek2011 goal! when exactly does the week begin/end and in what time-zone are we counting? without getting too hung up on details – i’ll churn out some wordz.

15 jan is actually a milestone date for me – 10 years with the united nations department of peace-keeping operations! that is an achievement. it was not a goal of mine to work for so long with the UN, but it has been a worthwhile adventure, and i don’t intend to stop yet. i’ll keep going for as long as the contract is available and the energy is in me. i think i’ve done it too long now to be employable in australia and it gives a chance to do something useful in another country. even though it’s a routine of office tasks and reports, such as you’d find in any city job,yo u ain’t in ‘any city’. you know everyday that you are living in an alien and difficult environment where anything could happen. that ‘edge’ keeps you constantly alert in a way that you don’t have to be in this lucky country.

so these are my goals for 2011 – for the record

  1. I hope to find a better job within the UN in africa (by mid-june 2012);
  2. I intend to PostAWeek in 2011;
  3. I will continue to visit places on my list of top 20 places to visit in sub-saharan africa;
  4. I want to get fit and lose weight – 0.5kg for the next 3 months;
  5. I will get internet at home in 2011 and will be more creative with photography and sharing in the social media – far as far as the internet in Liberia will allow me! (ACHIEVED Internet access )

considering that i’m already struggling to post in this 2nd week, it will be a challenge to achieve these goals. it seems to me that sometimes the negative feelings associated with not having something can be a good motivator to achieve a goal – eg. I realise that being without internet at home in 2010 limited my posts and foto-sharing, and that makes me feel bad. thus i don’t want to keep feeling bad, so i will take action to avoid the bad feelings. 

so, i’ll keep up with the goal of postaweek2011, because it feels good when the wordz are written and posted.

catch ya next week


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