time to reflect…small small

a favourite saying in liberia is to describe things as ‘small small’, which means ‘nothing special, big, or extraordinary’. like,’i’m trying small small’.  somehow at the end of 2010 it feels like time to reflect small small.

the danger is that my reflexion on 2010 will come out with plenty of negatives and frustrations, so i’ll try and avoid that, without ignoring the truth. if i’m honest, 2010 wasn’t a great year. but i’m definitely less stressed thanat  this stage 2009 and there were some really great times thru-out the year, so it wasn’t a complete waste.

the good times in 2010:

  1. singing about malaria control with flat-mate L
  2. reconnecting with friends in aust and enjoying womad
  3. printing my best 50 shots to enjoy thru-out the year
  4. laughing til the tears ran about elections with A and A
  5. kicking H’s butt
  6. laughing with the house-lady about how many people have stayed in my place with some form of ‘ann’ in their name
  7. travelling to senegal with A and spending some time plotting and dreaming about the future
  8. getting top score in wii tennis and cracking up playing wii with A
  9. zanzibar – just a great holiday with A
  10. working with the 2 best national staff from the section
  11. getting involved in watching the world cup matches
  12. meeting A and A recently (just how many people’s names start with A?)
  13. starting personal training
  14. enjoying meeting new people on lamu island
  15. sharing honestly with a few good friends
  16. starting to drink coffee again (forced upon me after discovering great columbian coffee)

i should count my blessings – i’m healthy, i’m employed, i’ve got great opportunities to travel and take fotoz, i’ve got friends all over the world, i’ve got good things ahead, i’m learning new things, some people would kill to have my life…well kind of! and i’m the one who chooses to be here. i could’ve gone to afghanistan if i wanted to, and i can always return to aust whenever i want to. so if i choose to stay here, i should not grumble too much.

one thing i learned in 2010 is that not everyone uses ‘african maths’ (1+2=5). i can stand my ground and eventually they’ll go and pick on someone else. i also learned that when the job sux, i can channel my energy into activities outside of work and that will help reduce my frustration.however,  i should not ignore that inner dissatisfaction so that i have some drive to find the energy i need to search out, apply, and win a better place than what i currently have. because if i accept this as the best that’s possible i will be underselling my capacity and the abundance of great opportunities that the universe offers me to make my life count.

these are good reflexions for the year’s end!


and this is my nicest 2010 reflexion foto…(Lamu Island, Kenya)


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