the year is winding up

the year is passing by, winding up, closing down, signing off, … ending.

it went slowly for the most part, but now that its december, it kind of passed by quickly. odd isn’t it.

i had such high expectations of 2010, and it failed to deliver any of them to my little sphere! it’s been a bland year professionally (i’m torn between trying to convince myself that it isn’t so bad here and knowing that this is professional stagnation and i’ve got to get OUT of this little blue cubicle.)

mind you, i had some nice holidays, and that was the greatest thrill of the year.  aust, senegal, zanzibar, kenya (including lamu island) – not bad! and even better holidays under construction for 2011 🙂

socially it was a mixed bag – i had good times with good friends, but now the core of those friends have left liberia, leaving me a little sad. but i also widened my group of friends outside of the work arena which is a good thing. i started working out with a personal trainer and that’s good even if i haven’t lost any weight. that leaves 2 or 3 good things to look forward to in 2011 – more training, more fotos, and more friendz.

one big disappointment that i didn’t solve in 2010 has been the internet service in liberia. i’ve got to find a solution to have internet at home next year or i may as well kill off this blog-page. if i don’t have time and ISP to write and post, its pointless. no decent service works with mac, so maybe i’ve got to buy a small microsoft netbook so that i can have a reasonable speed of service at home. in fact that can be my first christmas present to self and my first new year’s resolution…

overall 2010 lacked forward movement. in some areas i regressed, in others i just stagnated. definitely not enuff positive action.

i need to create some momentum for 2011.


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