second milestone

28 sept.

2 years of livin”nliberia! who would’ve thought i’d be here so long and come to accept it as normal? when i landed in monrovia and bumped along in that shuttle bus for 2 hours on a crap road from RIA to Monrovia ‘city’ (pre-road-repair) i wondered where the hell i’d landed. wot a spin-out. then i was met by old friends and we drove further out to riverview compound – an outlying oasis of tranquility – and on the journey they tied to fill my jet-lagged brain with all the ‘u need to know’ details of livin”nliberia. that added to my spinning sensation!

my 1st year here was lousy. i swear they were testing me. hell, wot crap, wot stress, wot unnecessary bs! i swear i won! i learned african maths. i started to see the african patterns and problems and pose all the ‘why africa?’ questions…’why liberia?’ thankfully, now that i’ve passed my second milestone, i know i’ve got this thing sussed. i’ve been accepted. this place has become normal and i’m no longer in constant stress fighting stupid battles. that’s not to say that it mightn’t be a good time to move on…but if i can’t…if i’ve gotta stay here a while longer, i know i’ve got it into the ‘this is possible’ bag. that is worthy of a blog comment, even if it is a few weeks late.

livin”nliberia. yup. its not something to aspire to, (don’t make this your life goal)

but its an okay launch-pad for an adventurous period of this earthly life.

til next time!



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