too few wordz

i’ve been silent for 2 months. too few wordz. too much work. too slow internet.

that’s life in liberia. i’ve nearly been here for 2 years (28 Sept is the milestone) and things are starting to feel quite normal. i think that the first year was just awful becoz they tested me with all kinds of bs. everyday had its stresses and tensions with colleagues. i’m sure that it was designed to see how resilient i was. no matter. i survived. the last few months have been pretty routine at work and i guess that accounts for the feeling that things have somehow normalised. of course i’ve had additional stress related to the tenants committee that i chair, but that is another story. that too has calmed down in the last weeks, so perhaps its all going to get really really dull now. (i doubt it!)

anyway, i’m finally accessing wordpress from the airport in kenya where they now have free, fast wi-fi!! luxury after the slow expensive services in liberia.

i’m off on another holiday. last time i went to senegal for 3 weeks, and i still haven’t written any wordz about that trip. now i’m off to zanzibar for nearly 2 weeks. can’t wait to see if the beaches are as gorgeous as they look on the internet fotos. if zanzibar has internet access then you might just get to see some fotoz sooner rather than never!!

after flying all night with the accompanying sleep deprivation, my brain is starting to slur and blur, so i think i’ll post this and fade out…

cheers groovers


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