livin”nliberia #9 – monrovia foto-safari

I have a visitor to ‘planet monrovia’ – yes, i really do know someone who considers Liberia a place to visit without coming here to earn a crust. As there aren’t really many sight-seeing locations, you have to explore the sights with a camera at the ready. A few hours driving north and south in the city is all it takes to form the impression that life in Liberia is tough.

I’ll let the fotos speak for themselves…

The next set of fotos were taken in the market area known as ‘Red Light’ It is pretty intense and we weren’t welcomed with our cameras. “Don’t ya take ma foto man!” That, of course, is quite understandable. I certainly don’t want to be seen as the rich tourist making a foto record that somehow exploits the sadness of impoverished people in Liberia. But, at the same time, I’ve been in Liberia for 18 months now, and driving through these areas is part of my life. People who are not here can’t understand wot its like ‘livin’nLiberia’ unless they get to see some fotos. So, we upset a few people but I felt it was important enuff to keep snapping some fotos. Apologies to any who are offended…

at least one man smiled at us!!

You can’t miss the motorcycle riders who sit around ready to transport people where they want to go. There have been security concerns about the motorcycle unions as the groups of riders are easily mobilised for protests if there is an incident. In order to improve the situation various international partners have provided training in traffic rules and road safety to the bike owners, while also distributing helmets. They are a pretty volatile group.

…but this rider posed while sitting on his motorbike!

So that’s all for this post. I’ve got many other fotos and will try to post more of them later, but soon later!


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