1000 hits

so i thought i’d jump on to the blog even though i’m on holidays and sick-leave. it seems appropriate to reflect a little now that i just recorded my 1,000th visitor to the blog-page. i guess the people who read this are curious about liberia and africa – that’s why i jump onto other people’s liberia sites when i find them! but then i don’t think i really do the best job of telling people how it is to live in liberia. i must make more effort to do that this year when i return. otherwise, its mainly my small circle of friends around the globe who jump onto the site when i remind them that its been up-dated!!

well of course, i’m no mathematician, but even i know that 1000 visitors to a blog page started in 2008, is not many visitors really!! wot – maybe one a day. well, i did have 28 visitors on my most popular day, sometime in april 2009, so if i want to improve that, i just need to post more, remind my friends more. so, its not exactly a mega-site or anything, but i think its still worth pursuing becoz it gives me a platform to describe my life in liberia and display some of my fotos from around africa. hmmm, i must do more of that this year also – and i will! senegal, namibia, botswana, zambia, rwanda are all options on my 2010 travel list – more foto-safaris – YAY!! overall, i just need to be more active on the blog if i want to have more readers. yes….this year i need to do that too!!!

actually i have finally managed to print out some of my fotos from kenya, uganda and tanzania. they’re probably better than the average tourist would get, well for sure they are, but they’re definitely NOT at professional level yet. me still amateur, but me happy with progress! at least i’ll have a nice calendar to put up in the office, and people will definitely be impressed. i’ve got to get some serious internet time and upload fotos to my foto-safari pages.

well, everything is a work in progress, so small small we will get there. altho’ i think even if i had no audience, i’d still blog becoz i want to try to express my thoughts and record my experiences while livin”nliberia, so it is worthwhile doing solely for me! the fact that others read it, is a bonus i think. definitely a bonus!!

if you actually do jump on and read this, please feel free to comment… or advise… no mockery please!

ps. no return to liberia until 19 march at the earliest – i’m on sick-leave.

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