out of the blue cube and into the blue sky

so i’m finally out of the blue cube and into the blue sky!! more travel. more holidays. more fun!

i’ve got 4 weeks holiday in the great southern land and i’m so looking forward to catching up with friendz and being in the centre of comfort and culture! i’m going to get my best safari fotos printed to bring back and decorate my place in liberia becoz i finally got them all edited. mammoth task – sorting and editing nearly 7,000 fotos!

it’ll be great to take a break from the blue cube. i’ve been given a stack of new responsibilities, on top of those i already have. i’m not sure exactly how they’re going to make it work, but i guess that’ll be the surprise waiting for me when i return! to be honest, i think this new stuff will push me over my limit…  i don’t want to spend my time here being grumpy or stressed, so i’ve got a good incentive to look for other jobs elsewhere in africa – and it never hurts to have that extra motivational push to search the job sites! the main hassle will be that it is going to make it even harder for me to get out of the cube and into visiting the counties. if i don’t go – who will? no-one seems to be too concerned about our poor folks stuck out in the bush for years and years of repetitive work.

the last lot of fotos i added to flickr were of sunsets taken from my balcony. there are some nice colours on some evenings because of the dust and haze that hangs over the sea and city at this time of the year. the sun doesn’t sink into the sea’s horizon, it fades into the haze and disappears from view metres above the real horizon! well, that might not make sense until u come to monrovia to see it for yourself!!

ok, so no reports from liberia until i return in march!


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