retrospective on my last decade

i promised myself that i’d look back on my life over the last decade, so here goes…

it was a most interesting decade…more good than bad. 🙂

in broad strokes….

my millennium 2000 new year was spent in albania with ak-47 tracer fire substituting for the fire-works! wot a blast – literally – and certainly a memorable place to be for 01/01/2000! i thought i’d go out on the balcony to record on my analog vid-cam, and it completely over-whelmed me, the noise and the sudden awareness that these were real bullets being fired up into the sky … and they weren’t immune to the forces of gravity!! i spent the eve with my albanian family – not sitting close to the windows and the day was spent with friendz watching the world celebrate on tv.

since then i celebrated new year on 4 occasions in europe, 3 in australia, 1 in asia, and 1 in africa! this, he start of the new decade has been spent in monrovia, liberia…so that just leaves the americas as a place i need to spend some time!

i made some fabulous friendz who i should strive to keep in touch with more regularly! the good aspect of travel and working in foreign places, has been that each mission i make @ least 1 or 2 life-long friendz. i wish i made more effort to keep the connexions strong as there r some cool folks in my (global) circle! 🙂  🙂

maybe i should add that i started blogging & facebook and posting fotoz as an effort to develop my social network & thus to keep in touch with friendz betta. if only liberia had a stronger & cheaper IT infrastructure!!

while speaking of work – in the last decade, i changed jobs 7 times – from INGO to the UN; from kosovo to nepal and liberia; from education to civil affairs, from project management to team leader, from head of office to coordination, from local to central governance… i must say the varied experience has all been good!

the down-side of my work-life has always been when i have suffered from some incompetent &/or insecure supervisors. unfortunately within the UN-world there are far too many of them! but they cannot defeat me…even if they out-number & surround me! i have a remarkable amount of resilience @ my core and i sincerely believe that eventually things will change and i will be set free. so far that has been my experience and may it also be proven true in liberia!! please god!!

to complement that, one of my major achievements of the decade was graduating with distinction for my masters degree! the 2006 disser was a major stress becoz i started afresh on it 3 weeks b4 it was due, but wot the heck, it was far, far betta for doing so!!

recently, i renewed my passport for another decade, and observed that in the last decade i travelled to ruffly 25 countries for 3 dayz or longer – croatia, montenegro, serbia, bosnia, macedonia, bulgaria, france, ireland, switzerland, germany, slovenia, kosovo, albania, australia, UK, nepal, thailand, usa, greece, liberia, kenya, ghana, tanzania, uganda, and south africa! ok, so some places were my temporary home, and others i had been to before, but the majority were freshly visited and explored.

from the health perspective,  thankfully i stayed relatively healthy BUT i am starting to add a few kilos that i cannot lose…easily 😦 on a positive note, i survived one near death experience that i’m aware of – & maybe many that i neva knew about!! i’m glad about that as now i get to experience the next decade!

i’m expecting good things from the years ahead!! yup, really good things!

ps: of course this is just the broad surface stuff. i am a far more complex & reflective person than this blog indicates, but i’m not going to explore the deeper stuff here! as we say in liberia, ‘sorry-o!’ 🙂

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