happy new decade!

i wanted to make sure i had a post to mark the new year and the new decade! 01/01/2010

another milestone achieved…living through the noughties decade! but i think i’ll write more reflection on the decade elsewhere or another day…

as for the past year…i don’t think i’ll look back on 2009 with much excitement. living in liberia ain’t easy and work has not been very fulfilling. on top of that, this christmas & new year holiday was pretty drab compared to last year’s parties. but as i sit here on the balcony of my new apartment, without any NY party hang-over, knowing that small changes have happened @ work, i can view 2010 with some optimism. if the work becomes more interesting and less stressful then livin”n’liberia will be more enjoyable. i just need a good holiday plan to spice up the year!! also i have to find a way to move forward so that i don’t have a 3rd holiday season in liberia in the same job…that’s one thing i’m clear about…

new year’s resolutions??

nah i’m not going to bother to commit to anything specific, certainly not in this public forum!! i wouldn’t want to have to declare the disappointment of my failure!   but i do have an general sense of being happier, more settled, and more optimistic about being here.  &  that optimism, i hope, will spill over into better care of my body, greater confidence to find a new job elsewhere, and a deeper sense of peace about being on the planet and contributing something worthwhile.

2009 was about surviving the stupidity that surrounded me!

2010 can be about spontaneity and substance! …and more daily safari’s!



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