cape town holiday

perhaps u can glean from an analysis of my posts that the thing i enjoy the most about working in liberia is the time i spend out of liberia exploring different places on the vast african continent!! thankfully we get a break every 2 months, so i’ve had the opportunity to see a lot in 2009…ghana, uganda, kenya (twice), tanzania, and the latest – cape town, south africa!!

if u want a holiday in africa to a place that does not feel like africa, cape town is the place to go! i think there are so many westerners and tourists there that you feel as though u have suddenly landed in australia or europe. it wasn’t at all what i expected, but i certainly enjoyed it as a change from liberia and a holiday without safari! mind u, we did get to see penguins, peacocks, ostriches, seals and whales, so there was still a lot of wildlife on offer. also i ate springbok, ostrich, and kudu steak – all very tasty!

in order to provoke debate, i will declare here that south african wines do not compare to australian wines – or austrian wines either, or so i’m told!! if you want to have a very nice Sth African wine you have to know the right vineyard and the right vintage and the right grape…and pay more than the right price. what is the point of that? too much like the french pretensions for me! australian wine is far more consistent and you don’t have to be so particular about the years and grapes. most wines from any decent winery in australia will be able to give you a very nice wine for a quite reasonable price. and that is what most people want, hey! ¬†naturally, if you want very good wine, then you can know more and pay more to enjoy more…

i will however grant the south africans one thing – the scenic backdrop to the Franschoek and Stollenbusch vineyard region is absolutely spectacular!! u can forgive the average wine because of the above-average scenery!!

after 2 days searching for good wine, we went to explore the western cape – Boulders Beach, coastline, Cape of Good Hope, Robben Island and Table Mountain, most often ending our day with a nice meal in the Waterfront! life is definitely a safari!

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