livin”n’liberia #7 ONE YEAR MILESTONE

its always good to celebrate milestones!!

on 28 Sept i completed 12 months in liberia. its been a long year mainly due to the difficulty  to find good food and keep healthy – i gained more kilos and i just don’t exercise enuff. i’ve had my share of hassles at work but that’s to be expected as i try to adjust to african ways. why don’t they just give u a hand-book to enhance cross-cultural understanding when u arrive, i wonder?  – but maybe i’ll write about it when i move on to another location! i have decided though that i’d like to keep working in africa even if not in liberia.

as far as milestones go, passing the 1 year mark feels like a big thing. some days i thought i wouldn’t make it! i’ve learned a lot and my survival strategy has been to ignore the nonsense as much as possible and to focus on my hobbies and my holidays! combining my interest in photography with the odd safari has been fun…as has playing with my nintendo wii. i’m getting pretty good at wii tennis! now i need to set new goals – ‘get a job somewhere else in africa’; and plan some more fun holidays!

and in case you were curious…there were no celebrations of the milestone – no champagne popped – just a sweet safari and back to the monrovia cube!


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