livin’n’liberia #6 – robertsport

today i’m in nairobi about to start a safari adventure and taking the opportunity of internet access to wp to catch up on the latest on livin”n’liberia.

rainy season has hit liberia a bit later than scheduled and not too bad so far. plenty of heli re-scheduling and muddy roads, but overall the biggest downer is that the sky is constantly grey, even if its not raining. that gets a bit depressing after a while, but at least the place is cooler and the humidity is usually lower than in the dry season.


in august i visited 2 more counties – 2 that are close enough to drive to, so that I didn’t need to deal with cancelled heli flights in the rainy season. I spent a day with our staff in Tubmanberg, Bomi County and then drove on to Robertsport, Grand Cape Mount, where I stayed overnight and the next day. Sorry, no fotos of Tubmanberg, but its just the same as most small townships. At least the county admin seem to be more organised than some and as it is close to Monrovia, there’s a lot of activities going on there.

Robertsport is much more interesting. as the fotoz in flickr show. it is a beach location, which is always a plus, but also there are some more substantial buildings in the form of churches and stuff that make it feel as though it has been around for longer and might eventually amount to something. the best part for me is that my good friend works in roberstsport and that made it fun to understand more of her challenges and see into her life. on the down-side, the county administration is in bad shape. i had an interesting meeting with a group of officials and it was clear that everything is a mess due to lack of leadership and petty personal & political differences. its difficult to see how things will improve unless the leadership is changed and since that is out of our control, we just continue to support the best way possible.

the biggest challenge was driving thru the diversion – slippery clay path and creek crossing – but i made it, even after a day of rain made it worse than when i originally snapped the foto. its no joke really, the need for decent vehicles and proper security communication as if you get stuck in the mud out bush somewhere, you really can get in trouble.


anyway, enuff of liberia thinking for now – i’m looking ahead to 3 weeks in uganda, kenya and tanzania! best of all as i sit here in the hotel lobby in nairobi – the sun is shining! a gorgeous 25 blue sky kind of day!

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