interlude in oz

in an attempt to account for the pause in posts, i should explain 2 things – firstly that the nanny-net makes access to wordpress erratic, and 2nd, that i just had a 3 week interlude down-under with family & friendz. it was such an exhausting trip with so much to do, but some nice moments of fun too! real food, shopping, wii fitness, stradbroke island, dolphins, dinners with friendz, fotography lesson, all ending with a fabulous party the nite before i flew back to west africa! my next interlude-holiday will be in kenya, uganda & tanzania – more safari fun!! life is a safari, after all!

in the meantime, i’m back @ work, dealing with the old frustrations as well as some new ones! i haven’t had a chance to finish editing a stack of fotos from liberia, oz and my earlier safari – so i’ve still got lots of work to do on that before i can share more snaps with you. its a work in progress hey! so, cheers for now, until next time i manage to connect…


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