livin”nLiberia #4 – schoolin’


the thing that touches me most about Liberia are the kidz. despite the tough life they’ve been dealt, some kids exude such happiness. as i was editing these fotos for my flickr site i was pausing to wonder where the kid lives and wot the future holds for them. i took a lot of cute fotoz in the 2 schools i visited, but remember that these were taken on a VIP visit, so everything had probably just been re-painted for the occasion! its not exactly how it would be on a regular day!


schools are over-crowded, many teachers are unqualified although there are efforts to remedy that through intensive teacher training for the teachers who have been volunteering over the last few years. wages are minimal – about USD70/month and there’s not much motivation to be committed. there is also a programme for accelerated learning for older students who missed their basic literacy and numeracy due to the 15 year conflict. this means you can have mixed levels and ages in one class with say 50 kids in a classroom with no electricity, few textbooks and a poorly trained teacher! add to that the likely lack of running water and no sanitation as there’s rarely a working toilet block…well you can get the idea of how bad it is.


we always say that the children and youth are the future of the nation…so wot of the future for Liberia and for these kidz!?! they are cute tho’, aren’t they!? and somehow despite the difficulties most kidz turn into quite decent human beings…eventually!!



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