way, way, way back in the early 90’s, i had my Canon T70 slung over my shoulder as i back-packed around asia, crossed russia on the trans-siberian train, and meandered about europe. as those shots were all taken on film i don’t have many fotoz from that period to display digitally, just a few that i scanned into digi-format. i clung onto my faithful canon way longer than necessary and got a little olympus ‘point and shoot’ as my entry into the digital fotography era. that was woefully inadequate to catch all the shots that could’ve been taken in kosovo and nepal – but wot to do?! ah, hindsight.

when i knew that i was coming to africa i had the good sense to buy the new release Canon 50D EOS with a nice 18 – 200mm lens. wise woman – very wise woman! it is not slung over my shoulder at every moment as it draws too much attention to itself in down-town Monrovia, but it is brought out for special occasions. 2 aussies and i went on a foto-safari drive around Monrovia to take fotos of billboards and street-scenes. my camera was the biggest and most obvious and there were times when we met some hostility and i simply could not raise it to take any fotoz. i’d neva go walking on the streets with it for fear of being robbed or mobbed if i tried to use it. 

regardless of that, i have had several chances to use it and have some nice shots to share with u eventually. but this has lead to the next thing – nice fotos taking in RAW format use up a lot of laptop space. to keep my shots i purchased Lightroom software which enables me to keep the images arranged in a nice database on an external hard-drive as well as to do some good foto-editing. i only installed the software recently, so my week in accra has been spent understanding the software and deciding the best way to re-organise ALL my fotoz.  i decided to remove all my images from flickr and as i arrange, edit, and save my fotoz into neat little JPEG categories, i’ll then be able to upload them into flickr and facebook in a manner that shows them off in the best light. 

all of this might sound dull, but when u live in Liberia, u need a constructive and creative hobby! this will be mine.

it has also rekindled my interest in this weblog, so it ain’t such a bad thing…..is it!!


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