livin’liberia #1


front view of my house and vehicle

front view of my house and vehicle


So are we ready for the latest Liberia blog?… ‘My New Home’…I promise there’s not a statistic contained within!


I live in a four-bedroom house in a ‘gated community’ cum compound called ‘River View’ on the outskirts of Monrovia. I have what is commonly called the Master Bedroom because it has an en suite bathroom that is solely mine! There are 3 other bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 3 toilets to take care of everyone’s ablutions. I guess it works okay, but I’m only happy to do live this way becoz of the en suite. At the moment we’re a full house with a male Jordanian Doctor, a male Indian who is mainly in the field (so much so that I still haven’t met him!), and a female cartographer with the Chinese Army. We all share the living room, kitchen, laundry and so forth, but can retreat into our own rooms when we want to get away.  All this costs me about USD 850 rent/month for my room and the cleaning lady.

I hope you can tell from the photos that there’s a lot of trees and green grass making for nicer surroundings than many compounds! The house is situated near the river, one of Monrovia’s many large waterways. There are at least 30 other buildings in the compound with different types of accommodation – some small single-person studios, some 2 bed-room apartments, but mainly 3 and 4-bedroom houses. There’s also a swimming pool, a gym, a tennis court and a road around the centre which people use for walking or jogging. The best thing about the place is the open space, fresh air, river views, and the constant generator electricity. The worst thing about the place is the distance from work – an average of 60 minutes in bumper-to-bumper traffic with additional lanes creating havoc when police don’t stop people from being inventive with the laneways. I’ve started a routine of doing 3 laps of the compound road circuit while the sun rises in the morning because the fresh air and exercise helps keep me calm enough to handle the nightmare drive to work

There are other compounds closer to work, some of which have swimming pools and sea views, but they are all full at the moment and the rooms are smaller, older, and more expensive than mine. So for now, I’ll stay where I am and enjoy the space and relative quiet, even if it is at a price of having to leave for the office at 7.30 am every day! You can’t have it all! It isn’t perfect, but its home – my new home in Monrovia!

the river at sun-rise from my back terrace

the river at sun-rise from my back terrace


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