aussie road-signs

On Wednesday last week I drove thru the Adelaide hills from my mother’s house in Mount Barker to my sister’s place in Mount Compass. (I include the place-names for the amusement of all who have been with me recently in Nepal!) On the way I was struck by the various diamond-shaped yellow road-signs indicating ‘driver beware of critters crossing the road’. I took a few snaps of the signs, not the critters…kangaroo, koala, truck, steam train. At least 1 sign is missing – I didn’t see a wombat crossing sign. This is your challenge, should u choose to accept it, post fotos of other Aussie crossing signs and let’s see how many others there are.  My Aussie road-sign fotos are posted in Flickr and u can follow the link to see them…and to add your own!

While we’re talking fotos, yesterday I was surprised to find that the new Canon 50D digital SLR camera had arrived in 1 shop in Adelaide. What to do except to buy it quickly and enjoy experimenting with all the new opportunities it offers in capturing scenes & memories. The road-signs were all taken with my Olympus point & shoot 3 megapixel 3 x zoom. I’m looking forward to raising the bar a bit on wot I can do with the shots I take, especially once I enter the new world of Liberia. 

Apologies about the state of the Flickr site – I need to up-date it a bit…soon! Also, I’m not sure if I have the privacy settings correct to allow u to look into my Flickr site, so let me know if u r blocked. Cheers4now


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