service & tune-up

every now & then u need to service & tune-up your vehicle…and your body. my annual check-up this year has been quite exhausting (and expensive). i went innocently to the Traveller Vaccine clinic to get the mandatory ‘yellow fever’ injection and when the fastidious doctor did a review of my immunisations he decided to jab me an extra 4 times – tetanus, typhoid, meningitis, cholera (ok i took oral cholera, the 4th jab was to check my immunity to rabies and measles/mumps). and then he charged me AUD500 for the pleasure and my pain! 

i went to the dentist for a ‘check-up’ and the fastidious dentist was concerned about the risk of 2 fillings collapsing while i was overseas, so he did 1 filling  immediately & i went in yesterday for the 2nd one. that required so much anaesthetic for the hour-long tooth restructure that i was numb over half my face & head for several hours! weird and unpleasant, but i guess its worth another AUD600 to have it all done now. 

the GP has given me a clean bill of health and i’m just waiting for the UN NY to concur and give me the medical clearance to travel. but before i take off, i’m going to go see an eye surgeon to find out what the prospects are for an eye op to straighten my lazy eye. that is a radical thought for me as i don’t want anyone to touch my eyes, but its bothering me enough these days to actually contemplate such a tricky op. the question is how much chance of success – the greatest risk being that if it fails i could end up seeing double, which would be a way worse outcome than the present. let’s see… (pardon the pun)

after all this attention i should be humming along in perfect tune! yep carrying a bit of extra weight for the moment but firing on all cylinders.


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