1st wordz!

greetings groovers,

i don’t recall my 1st wordz uttered as a babe, but i guess they weren’t so profound. neither will these 1st blogwordz be terribly deep. still now is the time to sign up & get started. many thanks to rick for the inspiration and discovering this site. he’s headed off to sudan, i’m heading off to liberia. the start of a new adventure is a good time to start with fresh wordz, impressions & fotos. this blog is not just for me to share a few wordz; the main point of this is to encourage interaction. i do hope u will read & comment & say wot u want to say, so that we can keep in touch as we cruise the planet – (hint hint)

we all have something to say, so why not say it, blog it…

this is dangerously easy!

cheers 4 now

p.s. do these 1st blogwordz last in webspace foreva?!


3 thoughts on “1st wordz!

  1. It is good to hear from you. Do you have any phone number there so we can chat on the phone.

    THere is no a date of my weding ceremony yet. It is approaching.

    Bye from Albania

  2. Hey chick

    Great to have this blog and read of your new space in the universe. Such a far cry from Adelaide so enjoy and experience as I’m living vicariously through you.

    Stay safe and well

    Much love

    AM xxx

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